We met a keeper of an dumping ground of a small cities in North Italy, he told us he was asking to the municipality for a small office in which he could leave his tools and stay during the winter. We proposed to the major to build a small house entirely made of material found in the dump. After three months of weekend work the keeper had his place, insulated with the technique of ground and straw.

In collaborazione with: Gruppo Informale РVincenzo Aiello, Stefano Boccardo, Alessandra Bruzzone, Alessandro Bruzzone, Silvia Cama, Kiriacos Christou, Nicola Gnes, Elisabetta Lo Grasso, Chiara Pappalardo, Davide Pedemonte, Luca Pozzati, Riccardo Rossi, Riccardo Salis, Amedeo Scofone, Greta Solari, Giovanni Toscani,  Elisa Tozzi