TKC Foyer

One month before the reopening of the Teatro della Giovent├╣, the Tkc-resident company, invited the Informal Group to design and create an interiors setting up that could change the appearance and function of the foyer and offer the public a different way of using the passage spaces. The work of the group was therefore concentrated in a new organization of the spaces by creating furniture elements in recycled materials, often coming from old shows, which could define new functions in the same form in which the stage elements define the theatrical space. New tables, seats and stools have therefore been created. The appearance and assembly of the box office and the lighting system come directly from the techniques of setting up the theatrical sets. The space was designed both to entertain theater spectators during show breaks and to become a meeting point for anyone who wants to spend time in a convivial atmosphere.

In collaboration with: Gruppo Informale – Vincenzo Aiello, Stefano Boccardo, Alessandra Bruzzone, Alessandro Bruzzone, Silvia Cama, Emma De Michelis, Nicola Gnes, Elisabetta Lo Grasso, Stefano Maria, Chiara Pappalardo, Davide Pedemonte, Luca Pozzati, Riccardo Rossi,  Greta Solari, Francesca Stamuli, Elisa Tozzi.