OStellin is a social promotion association that aims to expand the city’s tourist offer, through convivial and low-cost tourism. The Informal Group was invited to design and build the interior spaces of a hostel that would carry out this goal.

The project recreates a home environment, where the overlapping of signs and images, also different from each other, is preferred rather than the univocal and coordinated aspect.

Different materials, colors and objects create many stories that intertwine like those of travelers staying in dormitories, a living space and with an intrinsic memory testified by the signs, imperfections and historical environments in which the business has found accommodation.

In collaboration with: Gruppo Informale – Davide Pedemonte, Luca Pozzati, Nicola Gnes, Alessandro Bruzzone, Francesca Stamuli, Elisabetta Lo Grasso, Riccardo Rossi.