Citizen Liberation Front

Future Architecture Platform proposal

Urbanize this! / anti-urbanism manifesto

After a century of branded project leadership and megacities confidence, we are ready for a new form of design and inhabit the world.
Planning and zoning, with their outcome control, brought more to a land consumption than its natural use. Territories laze between speculation and state of abandon. Bureaucracy discourages inhabitants direct action and creates non-virtuous fabrics.
Future architects must focus on empty space between attractive centers. Future urban planners should show that, without a center, peripheries do not exist. Future designers should care about processes and complexities, creating new tools to make solutions grow by themself.
Future Architecture must: Avoid predetermined design and closed solutions. Create modifiable and repairable products.  Encourage diversity and juxtaposition against problematic mono-functions. Promote localism, direct action and self-organization. Prefer an organic city growth rather than extensive planning. Promote a non-speculative land use.