Tramontane, Sirocco

The Salento area is crossed by thousands of walls built for atmospheric protection and farming and harvesting. They are a symbol of work, of effort and constant attention.

For about ten years the olive groves, have experienced the presence of Xylella Fastidiosa, a bacterium that generates a plant’s rapid desiccation, devastating fields and crops. Facing many causes and possible solutions, the essential teaching that comes out is the need for a rediscovered biodiversity and natural rhythms.

The construction of two walls, oriented along the North / South and South-East / North-West axes, brings with it a slow and repeated gesture, to rediscover a balance with the landscape, made of mutual use and respect. Where the care and cleaning of the surroundings takes on the same weight as the construction of a wall.

Moving the stones, a world of microorganisms came back to light, and when there were no stones nearby, it was clear how the real gesture was taking care of the surroundings rather than constructing the wall.

Project within BJCEM LandXcapes Puglia.