Informal Group was formed in the summer of 2009 driven by the need to discuss, research and experiment around the issues of what we could call a new ecology for architecture, made of reuse, reduction of consumption, but also and above all of active participation the implementation of the project both by those who draw as well as those who experience architecture daily.

SGANG Association was born from the desire to continuously and non-profit develop the principles of sharing, solidarity and cultural development applied to the fields of Architecture, Urban Planning, Design, Craftsmanship, Art and Social Development.

The activities developed aim to promote an ethical approach in activities related to the design and construction of artefacts, whether they are objects, architectures or open spaces.

Through the Association, construction techniques are tested which go through the repair, reuse, recycling and reduction of consumption and different forms of work organization; the sharing of knowledge and conviviality, active participation in society and artisan, artistic, architectural and design activities in general, which reflect the ethical principles of the Group.